* The piece is available for purchase with possession after Oct 1, 2024

"It Takes A Village"

$3350 "It Takes A Village" | $5270 "Village"

Melba's first ceramic installation will be available at 8529 Broadcast Ave SW at Una Pizza + Wine, April 1 - October 1, 2024

Created in collaboration with over 30 local businesses and community members. (For the full list click HERE)

This powerful piece was created from a piece of clay over 8 years old. Melba started her ceramic journey in 2010 and before long realized it was the beginning of a life long dream to become a ceramic artist.

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"making of" progress videos

She spent the first few years commiting over 30 years a week to the studio while working as a full time professional. Before long she was asked teach as a member of the Fort Mcmurray Pottery Guild.

While saving to open her own studio for the next decade, unfortunate events resulted in her studio funds to be sacrificed every time she was about to open.

In 2020, while on another journey to raise funds for her pottery studio, she began Bowness Soapworks, which because more than just a soap company but a platform to build community, inspire people to grow and get people outdoors.

Late 2023 over a decade of heart ache and sacrifice, Melba opened Seto Pottery and now offers workshops, experiences and place for the community to share in success.

The Clay

"It Takes A Village" will be at 8529 Broadcast Ave SW at Una Pizza + Wine!

It took 2 weeks of slow rehydration and careful clay prep (wedging) to maintain the character and layers from this block of clay.

This is a blend of multiples clay bodies, as a part of Melba's sustainable practice, she reclaims as much of her clay as possible. 8+ years ago this was potentially a bucket of sludge!

Check out the "making of"

progress videos HERE

Inspired By "The Village"

This piece was inspired by the people behind the artist. Over the years, the opening of the pottery studio slowly became less of a reality for Melba, but with the support of her small business community, neighbours, friends and supporters her dream was made possible and this is the manifestation of that dream and process.

There was only 30 days to complete this project and with the help of her community, on Melba's 39th birthday, over 30 small businesses came together to help paint nearly 50 pieces from this installation.

Check out the "making of"

progress videos HERE

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