Artists Studio Rental Drop In Rates


Artist Users may expect 4-6 weeks between firings . We are a small and busy studio and kiln loads will only be fired when full

This is a private studio and few potters open their space to share with others so please respect the privilege to be a part of this community. All users are expected to treat the space with care and love and better than they arrived.

This is for independent artists to rent studio time. ALL NEW artists must complete a 45min orientation on studio expectations, maintenance and tour. 

The studio rental is based on Melba’s availability at this time since it’s in her private studio and she must be working while artists are using the space. 

$30/ hr 

$75  for  5 hrs 

$3/ lb of clay *includes glazes and firing.

Firing Fees

$5/kg Bisque

$8/kg Glaze



$100 full kiln


* Pottery is finicky and any users will accept that damages or imperfections to their pieces are not the studios responsibility. 

* Studio privileges may be revoked at any time.

1 hour rental: $30


1 lb Clay: $3


Frequently Bought Together

Total price:$65.00