All Natural Bug Balm - Repellant and Bite Relief


Rain or shine or bug infested, adventures must continue. I have always been extremely susceptible to bug bites- being so delicious and all, that it really affects the enjoyment of many of my adventures. 

Over the years, and particularly after having my own adventures humans, I have become more mindful of sourcing more natural ways to keep them outside while having fun. 

This bug balm was created during the height of mushroom hunting season where rain and mosquito come hand in hand with foraging. 

The idea of spraying myself and children with gallons of chemicals (typically always blinding one or two in the eyes) was really hard to accept and so I created this balm to be applied safely, and topically to those precious gems. 

This balm has become a must have in our adventure packs and it smells amazing as well as moisturizers and soothes simultaneously! Our bug bites no longer itch for days or weeks on end with the balm! 

Reduces inflammation and itchiness. Natural repellants need to be applied more frequently . They are a safer alternative to other products, while not 100% bug proof- it’s not magic, it’s natural.

* Store in cool dry place, the balm will melt in heat! 

Ingredients: Calendula infused olive oil, organic locally sourced Bowness Blossoms beeswax  (cera alba),  100% essential oil blends of: Tea Tree Essential Oil,  Citronella Essential Oil,
cedar essential oil (juniperus ashes), lemongrass essential oil, Japanese peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, geranium essential oil, neem oil. 



Size: Bug Balm (1oz)

Bug Balm (1oz)
BIGGER Bug Balm (2oz)

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