Lower Case Alphabet Textured Stamp with Handle


Lower Case Alphabet Stamps- Ideal for customizing, mugs, bowls, handbuilding -themed baking, crafting, and pottery! 🌳

This beautiful, simple and elegant tree of life stamp helps you make patterns in clay and polymer clay, EVA foam, cake fondant, or dough.

🌱Non toxic
🌱eco friendly

PLA (polylactic acid) a biodegradeable material that produces 80% less greenhouse gases produced from conventional plastics.

Approximate Size

Diameter: .5”/ 1cm


Height:2”/ 5cm 

Weight: 10-20g

Made to Order

Colour: White Single Letter

White Single Letter
Black Single Letter
Black 26 Piece Set
White 26 Piece Set

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Total price:$38.00