Mushroom Hunting And Foraging


*Minimum 4 guests to run an event

These events are booked via Air BNB Experience. 

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 Host Background

Melba has been working with handcraft since early childhood and over the decades has acquired practical skills in survival and self sufficiency. She spent 7 years as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and trained as a survival instructor during that time. 

In 2015 Melba was 1 of 4, selected out of nearly 4000 Canadians to be the Woods Canada Ambassador travelling across Canada for 5 months testing gear and sharing her outdoor skills with Canadians. 

Guests will meet the Host at a central location. This may or may not be at the foraging location. If needed the Host will shuttle guests to the foraged location. Each guest will be outfitted with the proper mushroom foraging tools and given a detailed explanation of what each piece of equipment is used for and how it is to be used. Guests will learn how to identify and recognize a few different species of wild mushrooms and have hands on experience learning about mycology and how to forage for wild mushrooms.

Since there are thousands of species of mushrooms and fungi, only safe and edible mushrooms will be collected and learned about during this experience. Guests will spend 60-90min on a guided forage walking through mixed terrain in search of wild mushrooms. Once the experience is finished, the group will ensure we "leave no trace" and return back to the rendezvous where guests can provide feedback and be given the opportunity to purchase dried mushrooms previously foraged locally. (Mushroom Hunting is a very seasonal and temperamental activity, guests should be aware there is a small chance that fresh edible mushrooms may not be discovered during their experience however the Host guarantees that wild edible mushrooms will be integrated into the whole experience as well as a fulfilling learning experience!)

Other things to note
The guide will provide resources to help identify common edible mushrooms via literature and photos. There's a chance that not every foraging experience will result in edible mushrooms but be prepared to have a full day of learning and experiencing the outdoors!

Guest Requirements: 

- Kananaskis Pass

- Bear Spray

- Dress for the Weather 

- Guests need to be prepared to walk on uneven terrain like tree roots, soft ground, small hills, up to 3-5km.


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