RSVP CAST | May 3-5 | Free Studio Tour + Pottery Wheel Demos!


RSVP for a FREE studio + Demo and try the pottery wheel for yourself!

- RSVP guests will receive a special gift when they arrive!  

For a full list of Calgary Artist Studios on this tour Click Here

Reservations are recommended so we can plan our studio availability accordingly as it is our home and private space where we share with our family. 

 *Guests are welcome to try the wheel, but please be mindful of others and guests may be asked to let others have a turn.  There may be a line up or busy moments so patience is appreciated. We do it have running water in the studio and practice mindful water conservation so those wanting to try the wheel be prepared to maybe get dirty, and may have to wait to get to a public restroom to wash. 

Please see our workshops times to book a session or request a new booking (minimum 4 guests o open a booking.) 

May 3, 2024: May 3, 2pm

May 3, 2pm
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May 3, 5pm
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