Soap For CKUA


Soap For CKUA is a project designed to give back to a very special publicly funded radio station. 

50% of the sales of this soap goes to CKUA or you can donate directly here

What’s In the SOAP!?

Choose one of our most popular bars or default to the Bowness Special! A bar inspired by the community. 

Every batch and every bar of Bowness Special is unique and is inspired by the people that make Bowness special. Where people come together from all walks of life, this bar was created to represent the community for Bowness. A community that comes together in times of need, no matter our backgrounds. A community made stronger by living, working and playing collaboratively. A place where each and every one is proud to call themselves a "Bownesian," (Bow-NEE-zhin).

*Since every bar is unique, product shipped may not be the same as the photos.*

Ingredients: Olive Oil (Olea Erupaea), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Water, Glycerin, 100% Essential Oil Blends. May contain flowers, fruit and vegetable puree, herbs, activated charcoal, coffee grounds, tea, beer.

Sustainable Ingredients | Vegan | 100g / 3 oz. bar | Recyclable Packaging

Size: SOAP for CKUA (Bowness Special)

SOAP for CKUA (Bowness Special)
SOAP for CKUA (Bow River Brew)
SOAP for CKUA (LemonGrassi Lakes)

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