Spilled Milk XLarge Serving Bowl


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We all have heard the pneumonic- “don’t cry over spilled milk.” 

When you take a moment to reflect on this, it has quite the powerful teaching. 

Life is messy and there’s certain things worth stressing over and other things- better to let go. 

This collection embraces the imperfections in life and celebrates it for what’s most important. 

Melba Seto


Large Serving Bwl 
Handmade, Wheel-thrown 
Coyote Albaster On Buff White

Approximate Dimensions: 10.75” wide  x 4” tall
Weight : 2.2kg
Volume :

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Melba Seto began pottery in 2010 and within her first year spent over 1000hrs learning the craft.  She began to pursue a dream becoming a professional potter and instructor. Due to unfortunate circumstances her dream to open a studio and continue her passion for teaching others was put on the back burner each time the dream got close to being actualized. 

After launching Bowness Soapworks in 2020 and staring to build her dream again to open the pottery studio, it was finally made possible this year- 2023. 

These limited pieces not only symbolize a long painful journey of chasing your dreams, but the tenacity and determination of a human can render new beginnings. 

The pieces are imperfect as is the process to get to this point. From Melba’s hands to your home- may the imperfections remind you that dreams though sometimes may take a turn- are always possible if you keep trying.

As all pieces are handcrafted, there may be slight variations in terms of size and color compared to the photos and between the different pieces in the same series.

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