What Is Your Worth As A Small Business?

What Is Your Worth As A Small Business?

I’m learning every day. 

What is working for my business, myself, and my family.

I always say that “you have to know what your end goal is, and that may change but know your end goal and work backwards from there.”

I know I never want to “work more than I play.” I told myself this in my early 20’s and I use that as a basic guideline.

I know that “whatever I do, I have to be able to spend MORE time with my family while being finically stable.”

I have always been an entrepreneur- working for myself, and this last 4 years I’ve been doing it full time and I look forward to every day, month and year.

I know there’s people to invest in, there’s people to cheer me on and to look to for advice and support when I need.

I am learning how to articulate my worth and reduce how often I undervalue my worth.

I am learning how not to be “hurt” or insulted by how people view my goals, dreams, pricing. (Work in progress)

I am constantly learning how to not be jaded by the industry - and continue to forge on and be a beacon for small businesses to continue to believe in them selves.

We can do it. We are not over priced, we are not over valued- we are worth, what we think we are worth!

Melba Seto
Owner, maker, adventurer

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