Bowness Soapworks The Origin Story.

It all started when I started renting a room in our home to guests. I always wanted a bed and breakfast because I have a passion for caring for others, providing safe and comfortable accommodations coupled with sharing my knowledge of the outdoors.  

One of the aspects of creating a unique space was to give my guests a care package of home made baked goods, home canned jams from berries I picked myself and ideally a little personalized mini guest soap.


I contacted several local soap makers, which resulted in either no response, inconsistent or unfriendly correspondence and high prices. I soon came to the solution that I would make my own guest soaps.  I was reluctant at first because I already had so many passions I needed to spend time on, I didn't want to add another thing onto my plate. 

With decades of experience making things from scratch, it was a very intuitive learning process for me and before I knew I had a small soap making operation in my home - just for my bed and breakfast guests.

As guests came and went, every one starts asking where they could purchase my soaps... initially I was shocked and didn't expect people to want to BUY the soaps, as it was meant merely as a welcome gifts. Before long I started producing large bars for guests to purchase, and then family and friends began inquiring within less than a year Bowness Soapworks had a list of 10 local retail partners. 

Now I am able to incorporate all my passions for foraging, climbing, paddling and working with people in my community all into soap. 

Through my soap I bring people together, share stories, resources and support each other in keeping small businesses and local businesses thriving. And it all started with one tiny mini bar.

Those mini bars continue to be a major part of our community and social reach. Used for fundraisers and creating awareness and connecting people from all difference backgrounds  and places, it truly has become a symbol of something much more. 

Thank you for being a part of our story and journey, and we hope to continue to bring that little personal touch to every bar of soap.


Melba Seto.


Photo: Sean Kibyuk Studios