Clothing Optional: A Podcast By Melba Seto

Clothing Optional: A Podcast By Melba Seto

  • In life clothing is always optional, how much we put on or take off to cover or reveal our insecurities can be literal or metaphorical. Clothing Optional invites those that wish to challenge themselves, those who seek adventure and growth and those that wish to find ways to better themselves.
  • Melba Seto, the owner, maker and adventurer of Bowness Soapworks shares with you how she achieves success through her experiences and stories from the past and present and how she manifests success into her future. 

  • A podcast for those looking for inspiration, life hacks, and a little push to being braver, and little better, for ourselves, our loved ones and our community.
  • Grab a seat, shed or put on a layer because it’s a wild ride when clothing is optional.

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