How to Make Your Air BnB or Short Term Rental Stand Out!

How to Make Your Air BnB or Short Term Rental Stand Out!

When I started my Air Bnb I did extensive research to find out how to make mine stand out and be the best in my area! 

As someone who travelled a lot, I knew one of the most important things you could do was make it personal. 

1. Make it Personal.

Add unique touches that highlight the area you live in. What makes your neighbourhood special? 

2. Make a Community Guest Board.

This highlight local eateries, things to do, and places to go. Make sure you include contacts, addresses and costs!  We offer soap making, foraging and disc golfing experiences so I make sure to include that in our community board! 

3. Include a local Gift.

So many hosts are always concerned about the bottom line and sacrifice a great guest by not offering a great experience! The rule of thumb is you should spend 10% of the cost of one night on “treating” your guest. Example if one night at your Airbnb / STR costs $100 you should spend $10 on your guest, whether it be cookies make by a local bakery or handmade soap this goes a long way. I’ve stayed at places that were $30/ night and they gave us a little note staying “enjoy your stay” and a generic chocolate bar and you best believe that places already stood out way above any other place and it made my experience so much more curated. 


Looking for handmade guest soaps? We make mini bars just for your guests! All handmade and made with sustainability in mind.  Find sustainable air bnb options in store at Greenbriar Market + Refillery  4534 Bowness Road NW