Mugs for CKUA by Small Adventure Company Bowness Soapworks

Mugs for CKUA by Small Adventure Company Bowness Soapworks

A little soap and ceramic company in Bowness Calgary, has made it their mission to give back to CKUA. Alberta’s publicly funded radio of over 96 years is at risk for shutting down because of the rising cost of running the network and programming. 

It takes $1000 for 1 hour of curated radio programming and CKUA has brought comfort, insight and inspiration to Albertan’s and people all over the world . 100% of the sales will go towards supporting Alberta’s leader in culture and music in publicly funded radio. (It’s like double your dollars but with mugs - after the fundraiser it will be 50%) 

They teach us to be kind, to be a community and to speak up for what we believe in.

Melba started her journey as a potter in 2010 and it was also when she began listening to CKUA while working in the health care system in Northern Alberta. 

During a time of loneliness and finding a way to find comfort in learning a new passion, CKUA encouraged and inspired through the radio. 

Melba spent over 8 years of chasing the dream of opening a pottery studio, with life always depleting the savings. In that journey she opened her adventure soap company and was finally able to save enough to open the pottery studio and give back to CKUA who has always been there for her. 

Melba Seto the owner of Bowness Soapworks and Seto Pottery is donating over 30 hours of time and material (not including the time to fire and load the kilns) to make these mugs so let’s get to 40 mugs so they can donate 2 hours of radio for they community.

Buy Soap for CKUA or a Mug for CKUA

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