The Origin Story! Episode #50 The Calgary Sessions Podcast

The Origin Story! Episode #50 The Calgary Sessions Podcast

Super honoured to be the guest for Episode 50 ! I was recently a guest on The Calgary Sessions podcast with Jeff Humphreys please check it out and maybe get a little insight about me and Bowness Soapworks.

As I go into this next phase of Bowness Soapworks, I’ll be sharing some more things about me, that many of you might already know but many of you might not.

I’m not someone to shy away from the rawness of my background and how I came to be, but this might be the first time I had the opportunity to share it on a podcast.

Behind every small business is a human. A human with flaws, dreams, goals and an origin story. This is part of my origin story and I hope you save the date and keep your eye open tomorrow for the podcast.

Follow @jeffhumphreys and please share the posts, your thoughts and let us know something that maybe was new to you about us.

Special mentions:

Citizen Brewing Company

Devil’s Head Coffee

Icon Dance Company