Where To Get Plain Unscented Soap In Calgary

Where To Get Plain Unscented Soap In Calgary

It’s a beautiful day to get Buck Naked🦌

Our most simple bar but one of the most important. Throughout my soap making journey I had people ask about “plain soap,” and I learned over time how hard it was for people to find plain and unscented soap.

Though not many people ask for it, I knew what it felt like to be left behind and not be able to access certain things due to availability.

Then I had clients with babies and children that had rashes and sensitive skin to other products, so I began making soap for them.

Then I had patients undergoing cancer treatments and radiation that said all other soaps burned them, so I began making soaps for theses clients.

That’s why it’s so important to me to always have a few Naked Soaps in stock that contain on 3-4 ingredients.

The Buck Naked 🦌is made with only 3 ingredients: Olive oil, glycerine and water. It’s your old fashioned Castille soap.

Unscented, unencumbered, unfiltered and Buck Naked🦌.

➡️ Get Buck Naked🦌 at Greenbriar Market + Refillery 4535 Bowness Road NW 

or order online Www.BownessSoapworks.com

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