Canadian Handmade Ginger Soap By Bowness Soapworks

Canadian Handmade Ginger Soap By Bowness Soapworks

Releasing tomorrow @thedistrictbeltline … our fresh batch of Lucky Dragon Ginger soap.

My grandma passed away last year around this time and so it’s been a year of realizing she’s gone. I look forward to celebrating the year of the Dragon 🐉 because that was my MahMah’s zodiac and in many ways it’s a year for healing and honouring her.

Ginger soap is popular in the Chinese culture post partum for its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties will be gentle on the skin.

Red dates are often used in soups and desserts for its sweetness and treating anxiety. It also is seen often as a decorative ornament to symbolize, a rich and sweet life, fertility, and happiness.

Watch the making of this soap:

If you’d like a bar come find me tomorrow @thedistrictbeltline 12-5pm for the Lunar New Year Festival!

Ingredients: Ginger, water, glycerine, 100% ginger essential oil, 100% orange sweet essential oil, dried red dates.

Music composed locally by @musicinnatureyyc “Floating”

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