Experience Calgary Through The Eyes of Local Workshops

Experience Calgary Through The Eyes of Local Workshops
It is never lost on me the impact a person can have on another.

The impact to grow, to change, to reflect and learn.

After every workshop, when I make my way home to my family I think- I am so happy. All those people had so much fun, and they learned something new, because of me.

And then I start thinking about all the wonderful things I want to do grow and learn so I can do more for my community and keep the ball rolling.

The last few years we talk about kindness and we see it on products and posts and water bottles and home decor, but do you know where the best place to experience kindness is? In person. The only way to practice and learn how to be kind is to meet the people behind your community.

Our neighbours and friends and small business owners. Hear their success stories and their struggles. Talk to your neighbours and find out what’s happening and feel empathy for them.

Thank you for following me, reading my posts and supporting my vision.

I have some projects and plans in the works and I hope you will continue to cheer me on.

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