New Beginnings Seto Pottery

New Beginnings Seto Pottery

I’ve been working all month to get these pieces ready and up and on the website and I am so excited to share what this collection represents.

New Beginnings has a bit of a strange feeling for me. More than a beginning it also feels like the end of a carry a weight on my heart and shoulders for the past, well, lifetime.

A feeling of always taking the other path. The path society all expects from us. What it dictates to be reasonable.

Even though my entire life I was meant to make and create and teach.

These pieces are filled with all the emotions one can imagine. Grief. Joy. Longing. Intensity. Dedication.

Just like my journey, they are not perfect, and they never will be, but they are made by me with all the things that make me - me.

Melba Seto

New Beginning Collection will be released Nov 10 6pm MST.

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