Bowness Soapworks is Calgary’s Forest School for Adults

Bowness Soapworks is Calgary’s Forest School for Adults

There have been an insurgence of “Forest Schools” for children over the past few years and it dawned on me that Bowness Soapworks is essentially that- but not just for children. 

People think we are born this way. Born to be “a natural” to be smart, athletic and skilled.

I want you to know I wasn’t born this way. I worked hard to emerge from unfortunate circumstances to survive and thrive. I spent years alone in my room, isolated from society as a child and during this time- I learned.

I learned how to be patient, I learned how to manage the ebb and flow of my frustrations, anger and anxiety. I did this through making things and taking things apart.

I read books. Hundreds of books. I dreamed of a life where I would be able to be free to grow, learn and teach others.

This is my time.

My name is Melba Seto and I am the owner of Bowness Soapworks and my adventure soap company is working on becoming a learning resort for people to learn handmade, handcrafted and survival skills.

My dream is to teach people the skills I have learned and continue to learn and teach myself. Through my craft and workshops not only do I show you “how it’s made,” but why we make it and how it can help us deal with the things in life that cause us strife and show us how to better know ourselves.

Now available ➡️ Wild Basket Making, pottery wheel workshops, soap making and foraging.



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