Unique Calgary Experiences: Foraging and Mushroom Hunting

Unique Calgary Experiences: Foraging and Mushroom Hunting

It’s not a question of “are they there…?” But rather having the experience to know how to find them.

Melba Seto the owner of Bowness Soapworks, Calgary’s famous adventure soap company offers unique experiences that bring people closer to nature. 

One of her most popular experiences is Foraging and Mushroom Hunting, where guests get to explore the wonderful world of fungi using handmade wild baskets and handcrafted foraging tools. 

Experiences are available from June to October, through AirBNB experiences. 

It’s honey fungus AKA armillaria season and there’s only a couple weeks left to hunt for mushrooms.

It’s this time of year Melba’s family fills their baskets with mushrooms to dry, pickled and cook up our natures gifts.

The Foraging and Mushroom hunting experiences are offered through @airbnbexperiences and will be available based on the weather and season so book soon here

Next event is Oct 6, 10am or you can request availability and subscribe to the email list to not miss upcoming events.