Teach A (Man) to Fish Calgary Top Soap Company Inspires Growth


This is Courtland and the most important part of working with @bownesssoapworks is being able to learn and grow and inspire others.

I recently was in a deep conversation about my journey as an artist and when I told the other person that “Teaching and inspiring others is my art,” they were moved by this because it was an expression that never really occurred to them that someone would actually embody.

Those who know me, know I often say “teach a human to fish,” a age old adage that in full says- “give a person a fish, they eat for a day - teach a person to fish and they eat for a lifetime.

My father taught me that saying and I have strongly lived my it my entire life and work tirelessly teach people “to fish.” To the point where I started an adventure (soap) company where my goal is to teach people all these skills I have acquired and more so that we can all feel confidence in our existence.

Those of your that have learned from me- in life or through a workshop I hope that you still feel joy and pride in what you have learned and have passed something on to someone else.

✨ If I HAVE inspired you please take the time to share it on Google reviews, tell your friends and neighbours and let’s continue rolling this ball of growth and inspiration!



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