Our Studio. Calm Before the Storm

Our Studio. Calm Before the Storm

Like many small business handmade makers… a clean studio is the best moment of our professions, but it’s a rare occurrence and in reality only 10% of the time as we are hustling to make our dreams a reality.

So enjoy it while it lasts- becusee it’s going to be an explosion here.

Did you know it takes 4-6weeks for cold process soap to reach the ideal cure? Though I wash my workshops equipment a day or two after events and the soaps lather wonderfully- the soap batter is the consistency of play dough.

When you wait for the soap to cure, it hardens more, and the saponification process allows for a creamier, longer lasting and sudsier soap.

Natural soap will also shrink for years after it’s made so don’t be surprised but it just means it’s a harder bar and it will last even longer! (Just the scent might fade but the amazing moistening and cleansing properties remain!

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