What can you expect from our soap making workshops?!

What can you expect from our soap making workshops?!


When you meet with us for a workshop, whether its soap making or learning how to make pottery, you can expect a good time while learning something new, however I believe participating in a workshop of any kind goes much deeper than just having the opportunity to learn a new skill alongside knowledgeable and cool people. Workshops bring people together in unique ways, and from experience I have witnessed how they also help build and maintain connections with people. I like to relate this metaphorically, to "discovering a new bridge". It's a bridge where we all explore new things about ourselves and each other. It's like when you're hiking, or talking a walk in a park, and you notice a peculiar path or wooden bridge that spikes your interest, taking you off course. Something has piqued your interest, and you follow it.

Our workshops are filled with a passion to inspire, and we strive to leave each individual feeling like they were able to gain a valuable and memorable experience. Melba has often said to me - "This company isn't just about soap. Anyone can make soap". If anyone can go on the internet and learn how to make it at home, why do workshops with us? Why learn with us in the first place?

I have been able to attend and co-host a few workshops with Melba and have noticed how children and adults alike have deepened their relationships with each other. Workshops provoke to find some common ground, or as I like to think, people are discovering that new bridge or hidden pathway I was talking about earlier. When we do the soap making workshops, we like to incorporate goal setting and positive affirmations. When adding the soap confetti into our new batch of soap, we ask everyone to share a goal they have no matter how big or small. At one of these workshops, I have seen an amazing group of women, and kids come together and share an inspiring moment through our little incorporation of our goal setting practice.

"Making the world a better place for myself and others" - said one lady
"Being kinder to myself" - said another
"Making myself more of a priority amidst the busy-ness of life" 
"Start writing my book"
"Start my crochet business"

The last final step is adding the decorative toppings on the soap, like rose petals, lavender or mint leaves. During this stage, we encourage each other to say something nice to the person lined up behind us when we put the herbs on top. This practice we particularly do with the kids, who are in community organizations, camp groups and girl guides. Thinking of something positive to say on the spot to another person isn't always easy. How often are we forced to think of something nice to say to our peers, or even to ourselves? It kind of stops us in our tracks because we are pushed to share a moment of vulnerability and appreciation with another person. We have experienced the timidness of doing so in some of our groups, simply because they don't always know what to say. But we have also seen how they break through that initial barrier and say something kind. You can almost sense how each person feels so much lighter and better after doing this practice. Not only that, but now every time you use your bar of soap, you can be reminded of your goals and aspirations, and of the kind things someone else has said to you. 

This is just a little glimpse of what you can expect to see and experience from a workshop with us. They are a great way to strengthen friendships, building teams, reconnecting with one’s curiosity, and developing an openness in learning new skills.